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Website Design

Your website is your global business partner, representing your organization in all corners of the world. This is your best means of building, positioning and promoting your brand, while conveying your organization’s significance in the business world.

We know how important your business is and that is why we take our business of promoting yours very seriously.

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Web Hosting & Maintenance

We undertake to host and maintain your web site by offering varied yet appropriate hosting solutions that can be customized when required. The size and scale of your business does not matter; we can facilitate large scale complex to simpler sites.

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Internet strategy for hospitality businesses

If you are keen in increasing revenue online and strategizing your internet activities, then talk to us. We can help you build your brand online by way of web designing and development, advertising, social media consultation, ....

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Search Engine Optimisation

Let us make sure that your web site gets listed in the first few pages of popular search engines where potential customers search for similar products and services. With SEO your web site will get better visibility and integrity thus ensuring more on-line traffic, more business leads and definitely more internet business.

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Logo design

Remember your company logo is its signature icon. It bears the organizations identity, helps in positioning and certainly promotes brand building. Let us design a creative and unique logo that bears the characteristics of your business.

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Brochure and leaflet designing

Brochures and leaflets are an essential tool in today’s communication approach. A good brochure or leaflet should be creatively designed to get instant attention while conveying the required message in a concise and logical manner.

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Infinity Web Solutions is probably one of the best in the industry. They are very professional in their approach and absolutely creative. In fact the web site they designed for us has opened new doors for our business and that is exactly what we wanted. Thanks for the great effort.

Dr. Frank Silva
Governor's Hotels Sri Lanka

They are a very professional company who went out of their way to take note of our requirements and fulfill them beyond our expectations. Our web site is an absolute winner. Thanks for the commendable service.

Mr. Nishantha Jayasinghe
Managing Director
Hotel Chandrika

We were looking for an out-of-the-ordinary web designing company when we came across Infinity Web Solutions. We will never regret our decision to work with them because today we have a unique and interactive web site that has become an integral part of our overall business. We will certainly want to work with them in the future too.

Mr. Chaminda Amarasinghe
General Manager
Sorowwa Resort & Spa

Infinity web Solutions is more than just another web designing company, they were more like our business partners, advising, guiding and helping us in our effort to produce a truly remarkable web site. They are very dependable, very accommodating and definitely outstanding. Thank you for a great job done!

Mr. Sandesh Sharma
Vice Chairman
Cocoon Resorts

A very friendly, supportive and professional team, who transformed our existing web site into something incredible. It has helped our clients interact closely with our brand while giving our business a virtual boost. The creative aspect, the excellent knowledge input as well as the superior service is highly appreciated. Thanks Infinity Web for a job well done!

Mr. Lal Disanayake
General Manager
Goldi Sands Hotel

We have been getting lots of good comments about our web site from clients worldwide. We know the credit should go to Infinity Web Solutions for the creative and user friendly design that very cleverly conveys the core message. We are extremely happy about the end result. We will definitely recommend them to our business colleagues.

Mr. Prashan Disanayake
Managing Director
Thambapanni Leisure Group

We have a very diverse client base, ranging from multi-national companies to local start ups. This diversity has helped us increase our business value by way of presenting innovative business solutions, each one unique and different in its offering. Every one of our clients is very exclusive and special to us; we take time to understand their aspirations and dreams when it comes to their businesses' web presence. Client satisfaction has become our number one goal...and we don't stop until we achieve it!

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We are Infintiy Web and We Create Awesome Websites

Our digital agency creates custom websites and creative marketing campaigns.

Infinity Web Solutions comprises of a team of exceptionally creative internet and design professionals. In fact our creative thinking is what makes us different…it’s our advantage.  Thus we are able to understand, develop and express our clients’ needs in the most innovative, appropriate and productive manner. It’s this competence, along with knowledge, experience, expertise and dedication that has delivered superior quality work over the years.

Infinity Web Solutions is also known for offering greater value by way of a friendly and flexible service, timely delivery, and customized packages resulting in superior customer value.

Every assignment we undertake is handled as an exclusive project by a team headed by the senior management.  This makes each project very special from start to end and at times even after that. We at Infinity Web Solutions take pride in our work and our best reward is seeing our clients smile with satisfaction.  

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Creative & Marketing Agencies, Ptartner with Us!

Are you a regular Advertising /Marketing Agency? Do you want to offer your clientele with new communication / promotional opportunities? We at Infinity Web, Sri Lanka’s leading web solutions provider would like to offer you some innovative media marketing opportunities via the World Wide Web. Infinity Web, known for its innovative thinking and creative offerings has on offer total web solutions that can make a significant difference to your client’s marketing communication activities. We know the importance of having a web site that stands out from the crowd, one that has the potential to attract web traffic and most importantly to possess the tools to measure performance at the end of the day. Be assured Infinity Web can deliver all this and even more using our specialized services, experience and know how.

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